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The Center for Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Resource and the Keilah Oaks Spiritual Retreat Center are directed by Dr. Keith Davis. Keith and his wife Kathy who were partners in pastoral ministry for 36 years, thirteen years as staff pastors and 23 years as Senior Pastors. Keith and Kathy are available to counsel as a couple or separately depending on the needs and issues involved. They have been counseling professionally for the last 18 years, in California, Nebraska, Colorado and now in Texas.



Our purpose is to encourage families and individuals toward greater wholeness and healing through the practical application of real-life Biblical principles and life-skills.


Have you ever been disappointed? There is hope.

The Bible tells us, “Then you will know that I am the Lord; those who hope in Me will not be disappointed.” --Isaiah 49:23

Certainly there are times we have felt discouraged and disappointed, angry and frustrated. Sometimes we suffer and experience pain. And there are times we need to be encouraged and times we need someone to help us discover and face the truth. The Center for Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Resource is designed to help individuals, couples and families find strength and encouragement through the timeless principles that are found in the truth of the Bible. 

We want to help individuals discover the principles and learn the skills necessary to help them make progress in the everyday context of real life. Whether the issues are in the areas of marriage, family life, addictive behaviors, parenting, spiritual or emotional concerns or other personal issues, there is hope and there is encouragement and help available.

The MarriagEngage Retreat taught by the Davis' is a one- or two-day interactive retreat for couples and is especially effective when presented to Church groups. With lots of practical tools and engaging insights, Keith and Kathy help couples consider how to take the next steps in their marriage and move toward greater emotional intimacy. Regardless of where the marriage is right now, God invites each couple to something more. In depth, four to five day focused and individually crafted marriage intensives are also available.

Seeing from a new perspective... looking at our disappointments (or anger or loneliness or hurt…) through God’s eyes gives us a different perspective. He knows the whole story and He can see the ending that we cannot. His desire is to strengthen, help, and restore us and to bring us into health and wholeness. If you need encouragement and perhaps a different way to view life; if you need someone to listen to your story, please call.

Keith and Kathy are available to teach classes and seminars in a variety of settings helping individuals develop life-skills in the areas of marriage and family, parenting, or many other life-issues. Keith is also available to conduct Bible Studies and Men’s retreats with a focus on Biblical principles and with an emphasis on particular subjects as the need arises.

Counseling and other services are offered on a suggested donation basis; please call for detailed information.